Collection: Long sleeve t-shirts

The Ibn Gray Inc. long sleeve t-shirts are a part of our exclusive range of super-comfortable t-shirts. Featuring a stylish design, these t-shirts not only provide optimum comfort and movement but also make an empowering statement when on the go, dressing up or simply just getting comfy. 

  • Made with 100% Cotton

  • Sporty, comfortable fit 


Ibn Gray Inc. is an apparel line founded in 2021 with the sole purpose of promoting positive slogans to the world. These slogans have inspired a whole new generation, changing the lives of many, and it is our mission to shed as much light as possible with our clothing brand. 

At IGI, we are also doing our part by providing financial contributions to non profit organizations whose mission is to feed the needy. We also employ a variety of students from various communities at every step of our supply chain to empower, uplift and inspire as many youth as possible!